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Looking For A High-Functioning SEO Website?

So you have decided to develop a new website.  Knowing that a fresh website will increase engagement and more inquiries is exciting. But will it do that just because you redesigned your website? Unfortunately, it won’t unless you have built the site with SEO best practices. Don’t freak out; we have you covered at 2 Labs Digital Marketing SEO website design!

Most web designers do not incorporate search engine optimization into their services.  Can’t blame them as that is not their core skillset.  Sure, some will tell you they do, but they do not. Their job and skillset are centered around creating beautiful and functional sites.

Our goal is always the same when creating new websites for our clients.  High-functioning, with SEO best practices embedded into the core of the new design. We do this for a simple reason: to ensure that your new website has the optimal chance not only to gain some rankings at the time of launch but to have the foundation to build both SEO and PPC marketing traffic.

Think of it this way, would you add a new roof and windows and even paint your house if the foundation is cracking? Of course, you would not.

Search Engine Optimized Web Design Case Study

Our client, Thermotech Enterprises, wanted to bring more functionality into their new design, such as incorporating their Thermoselect Pro software and allowing their target audience to research the closest authorized Thermotech partners.  They also wanted to give the site a modern look and feel while telling the company’s rich history.  Of course, they wanted to generate more new audience inquiries and stay in touch with their existing client base.  If you visit the site, I would say mission accomplished.

But it didn’t stop there. We wanted to also have search engine optimization at the core of the site’s DNA. We did this on multiple levels starting with:

  • Core Web Vitals is a set of specific factors that Google considers important in a webpage’s overall user experience.
  • Fully optimized for keywords that their target audience searches for when looking for websites, specifically for other industry sites like Thermotech Enterprises.
  • Fully optimized for search engine indexing so that all web pages were indexed.
  • Fully optimized for gathering important analytics with Google Analytics.
  • And more!

So the SEO results from our initial design in May 2022:

  • Overall keywords ranking: Increase of 100%
  • Overall keywords ranking in the top 3: Increase of 200%
  • Overall, keywords ranking in the top 10: Increase of 105%
  • Overall organic traffic: Increase of 140%
  • Overall organic traffic cost savings: Increase of 375%

How We Develop Your SEO Website

Website architecture is important because it affects search engine rankings and user experience. These are the two major objectives of creating an SEO-inspired website.

Good site architecture can help your pages rank on Google. Because it can impact Google’s ability to find and index all your important pages. And understand what your website is about. That’s the first step to appearing in search results.

Why Does A Website Need Good Architecture For SEO?

Website architecture is critical to SEO website design because it affects search engine rankings and user experience.

Good site architecture can help your pages rank on Google because it can impact Google’s ability to find and index all your important pages while understanding your website. That’s the first step to appearing in search results.

Imagine entering someone’s car for the first time. You won’t immediately know where each option is, but you’ll know from context that there should be a speedometer on the driver’s side, air vents on the passenger’s side, and so on.

Imagine you sit in the back seat, and the driver’s steering wheel is there. and see a bed next to the sink. It might make you think you are in the driver’s seat. You would be but go with me on this. LOL.

This is similar to Google encountering a disorganized website. If the structure doesn’t make sense, Google may not understand your webpages’ purpose. And then might struggle to understand when and where your pages should appear in search results.

Why 2 Labs Digital Marketing?

Since 1995 we have been designing websites that incorporate both user experience and SEO best practices that improve your digital marketing performance. There are a lot of great website design companies out there. But do they create a pretty site that looks great but does not help generate more traffic? Like we always say, you can have the greatest store in the galaxy, but if it is on the moon, how much business will it get you?


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